Monday, October 11, 2004

Full round of applause

Congrats goes to the man of action. An inspiration to us all. A goal was set, the preparation was done and the plan was executed, brushing aside evil distracting temptations. He's almost given me hope that one day I too will get off this chair and accomplish great feats. Cheers and looking forward to the blogging of the next challenge in your sites (sights). Let it not end here.


Anthony said...

A man of action has wandered off to find a waterfall to meditate under but he pass on a gratitude for the warm currents of support that kept him soaring. I will miss him and might have to get him back on some suitably self-absorbing task - possibly home renovation.

tokyo goat said...

I recommend to the Man of Action that the waterfall be Nikko's Yu-daki so he can slip over and get some sanyasai soba when he is hungry.

Home renovations eh....imagine all the great power tools he could consider to assist in the task. COOL...