Sunday, January 30, 2005

tokyo ferrari

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went shopping for a new mean street machine today and made a rash impulse buy. there are no regrets however. this tried and trusted high performance model handle corners with ease and grace. it powers along the straights with outstanding acceleration. the lines of this design are both classic and the way of the future. 2 added features are: a wider, more expansive carrying capacity and beefed up security. the paint work was chosen as a thief deterent.(the last 2 machine were stock standard silver and were both promptly removed from the eki pitstop...i suspect to assist the Johnny one cup fund.) Ready to be to dazzled?? For your viewing pleasure here's a wide-angle shot. Jealous??

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


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I spend a fair bit of time hanging around foodblogs. It's not so much the case that I am overly interested in food, or it's preparation. I recall a time in my younger years when I was mildly repulsed by food and our (humans) reliance on it. I can see now that my distaste for food was just part of the process of trying to get my head around my own humanity (the process is not complete by any means). But anyways...
foodblogs...well it just turns out that some of my friends happen to have highly entertaining blogs and they happen to be about food. Where is this going you ask. Well my comment today is: Around my office there is f#$%$#k all to eat at lunch time. The picture shown is of a little hole in the wall bento shop. 500yen. "What a deal" you might say. However I am sure that the total cost of the contents of a lunch box served there is about 30yen, including the packaging.

There is a story of the worlds worst bento that was purchased from a local road side vendor. I held romantic thoughts of this little bento vendor serving the best lunchboxes in Tokyo. Each day they would pull-up with there bento cart packed up with the days offerings. 500yen!! "Also a bargain", you might say. I tried it one day and I was convinced they had just served my some cadaver meat procured from the local Universities. Not wanting to be one that makes a final judgement from one experience I stepped up to the mark the very next day, even if I was well suspicious and decidedly less personable. All was going well until I dragged out a 20 cm stranded of thick wavy grey hair that was providing inner reinforcement for the packed rice. Came quite close to vomitting at my office desk that day. I had all sorts of theories on how that vendor ran it's daily operation after that.

Anyway the choices around Kundanshita are few obliging me, us, to spend much more money than one should just to get something vaguely palatable. Today is the day before payday so I may be have to force down some cup noodles. Ahh the joys. Imagine if I was motivated enough to prepare my own lunch. Can you imagine that? Can you??

Sunday, January 16, 2005

doing the 2 step

from spiceblog and on to john quiggin, we find a man ready to make a donation to the Australian Red Cross tsunami appeal of AU$1 for every comment posted on his site between given times (honoured up to 1000 comments). I say, "get in there" as well. As spiceblog points ou, it's the perfect chance to make a comment without necessarily having anything in particular to add. perfect for me.

Monday, January 10, 2005

attention turns to beer

attention turns to beer

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Outside, flood lights guided the adventurous down yet another run, with J-POP crackling through the loudspeakers. Inside, beer soothed the weiry and wounded, as a shuffle of iPods rattled out through headphones.