Monday, February 28, 2005

what's changed?

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things that haven't changed:
- love of vests
- love of green
- love of rigid, uncomfortable poses
- cheesy grins

things that have changed
- that tree isn't there any more
- no more side-parts

Friday, February 25, 2005

Chinese Bento

In keeping with my foolish gaijin existence I often find myself flailing my arms in the air in an over exaggerated manner as I greet the natives of Japan. (This could be that because I remain so inept at the Japanese language I often choose to get my power back by acting in a clownish manner in public spaces making others feel just as uncomfortable as I usually do). Anyway, today at lunch time, as I walked up to an intersection near the office I spotted a member of the temp staff agency that helps in our office. I decided I would greet my co-worker, who is always quite friendly, with a bit of a wave. Standing on the corner I awkwardly executed a comedy, combo wave sequence starting from a regular army salute moving to a straight-elbow, full arm, arching, wave and finishing off with a limp Hitler salute, elbow half bent. Ah yes, a classic.

To my surprise, as this was happening, a car accident almost occurred at the green light of the intersection in front of me. A silver car that was behind another vehicle seemed to inexplicably speed right, around the outside, of the front car which at the same time verred left, coming to a halt before my eyes. "Fools!!" I thought. The driver of the car now parked there was leaning over in the front seat looking at me. Ha??. A taxi?? I don't need a friggin' taxi??

Who hailed a taxi?? Piss Off, Scabby!!

Continued on my way to collect my greasy Chinese bento.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Since joining flickr I have accepted numerous invitations to join various groups operating within flickr. I was overly open to accepting and had a long list of groups that I had never posted to or commented in. So last week I ploughed through, removing myself from many of them.

Along with that, I purged a few contacts. The main reason was either they weren't posting or alternatively were uploading bulk images at once, often very similar, and along with not being overly interesting were also domininating the flickr zeitgeist thingy I have over there. So "Be gone with them" No disrespect intended.

Today I took steps toward being an active member of a new group, Alleyways. Have to get myself out there in the Worlds Best City for Alleys and pump out the pics. Was also kindly given admin status from a trusting stranger.

Went on a self-propelled "recruiting drive" with the following sales pitch "can't really describe exactly what it is that is so appealing about alleyways but nonetheless they have a strong hold on my interest. Could be the simple fact that they provide for a way more intimate space than, say, a big open road. And often lead into people's private worlds...or it could be that I am speaking utter rubbish. Either way am always happy to see some alley shots." Anyone reading this blog has most likely already seen that before.

Friday, February 18, 2005

looks good eh

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wanted to blog this cause it really does look rather disgusting. yes we know it's something from the sea that lives in a shell, but your imagination could see it being pulled out of someone's ear after it was formed in their nose. no-one ate this. even the filthy natto eaters amongst us. thats saying something amongst the Japanese who seem to devour anything and everything.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

10 million angry people

why?? ask why??...cause we all got woken up at 4:45 this morning by an inconsiderate earthquake. selfish act. rattling and shaking for no reason. now i expect the day to be full of irritable interactions with edgy people.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


so the plan is for karin and myself to get ourselves to niseko higashiyama new prince hotel for march 2, 3, 4 and 5. arrive at lunch time on the first day after having caught the second, not the first, flight of the day from haneda and then a 2.5 hour bus ride from chitose. on the first day we'll prolly go for an 8 hour ticket all mountain ticket and go straight over to hirafu. second day we may start at annupuri, cause we've never been there, and them once again over to hirafu. after that we'll see. could have the added bonus of a good work friend also being there so will have to arrange to meet with him and his partner even if only for a short time. on the last day the bus leaves at 1600. the main things we need to do are snowboard, onsen, sleep, snowboard, maybe a beer, onsen, sleep, snowboard, onsen, sleep, snowboard, leave. if we have time i may pop over to every crazy foreigners favourite cool kid semi-tralier turned bar: fatty's. might even get the t-shirt. slightly disappointed that we are going later in the year cause i really want to once again experience the renowned pow pow. sure it will be fine. now, is 158cm long enough for a fat bastard like myself?

Monday, February 14, 2005

giri choco

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was all but finished the most interesting blog entry I have ever made. Was to do with Japanese custom, office obligations...but alas I was blocked. yes thats right blocked. trying to do something productive and I was blocked. not by "the man" this time but an outage. a huge Internet outage across North America. Will be interested to hear was crazy high jinx has transpired on this day. Valentine's day, 2005. That's February 14th, 2005.I am scared to open that little blue box right there. Who know's what other surprises are installed. Could be anything.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

more red

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liked this VW that was parked down the road. went out walking, spotted it, photographed it, laughed at the cat and thats about it folks.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


had a sick day today. days like this I always wonder if I shoud check my work email from home. there were no big surprises today so didn't really matter. but the obvious point is that you don't get a chance to switch off at all. (not wanting to pretend that I am switched on at any particular time).

One episode that has to be looked at tomorrow is how, as a service provider, should we deal with customers that are outright abusive where no wrong-doing comes from our side. are service providers barrels boys 100% of the time? would the potential bad press be worth taking up the issue. my guess is that fools like this don't have any friends or backing anyways. should we simply continue to humbly accept his piss-ant coupl'a hundred yen a month. we'll see.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

eomeote #3

eomeote #3

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a late entry for the End of Month Egg On Toast Extravaganza. This times round there were a few new participants which is always a good thing. btw my entry was prepared for 2 people, in case you were wondering. #3 was hosted by the one and only Cook Sister