Friday, February 25, 2005

Chinese Bento

In keeping with my foolish gaijin existence I often find myself flailing my arms in the air in an over exaggerated manner as I greet the natives of Japan. (This could be that because I remain so inept at the Japanese language I often choose to get my power back by acting in a clownish manner in public spaces making others feel just as uncomfortable as I usually do). Anyway, today at lunch time, as I walked up to an intersection near the office I spotted a member of the temp staff agency that helps in our office. I decided I would greet my co-worker, who is always quite friendly, with a bit of a wave. Standing on the corner I awkwardly executed a comedy, combo wave sequence starting from a regular army salute moving to a straight-elbow, full arm, arching, wave and finishing off with a limp Hitler salute, elbow half bent. Ah yes, a classic.

To my surprise, as this was happening, a car accident almost occurred at the green light of the intersection in front of me. A silver car that was behind another vehicle seemed to inexplicably speed right, around the outside, of the front car which at the same time verred left, coming to a halt before my eyes. "Fools!!" I thought. The driver of the car now parked there was leaning over in the front seat looking at me. Ha??. A taxi?? I don't need a friggin' taxi??

Who hailed a taxi?? Piss Off, Scabby!!

Continued on my way to collect my greasy Chinese bento.

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