Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Since joining flickr I have accepted numerous invitations to join various groups operating within flickr. I was overly open to accepting and had a long list of groups that I had never posted to or commented in. So last week I ploughed through, removing myself from many of them.

Along with that, I purged a few contacts. The main reason was either they weren't posting or alternatively were uploading bulk images at once, often very similar, and along with not being overly interesting were also domininating the flickr zeitgeist thingy I have over there. So "Be gone with them" No disrespect intended.

Today I took steps toward being an active member of a new group, Alleyways. Have to get myself out there in the Worlds Best City for Alleys and pump out the pics. Was also kindly given admin status from a trusting stranger.

Went on a self-propelled "recruiting drive" with the following sales pitch "can't really describe exactly what it is that is so appealing about alleyways but nonetheless they have a strong hold on my interest. Could be the simple fact that they provide for a way more intimate space than, say, a big open road. And often lead into people's private worlds...or it could be that I am speaking utter rubbish. Either way am always happy to see some alley shots." Anyone reading this blog has most likely already seen that before.

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