Tuesday, March 22, 2005

5000 yen

5000 yen is all it takes in Japan to have a precious belonging magically returned to you. followed a weathered and worn map to a flat piece of land covered with concrete in the dodgey back streets of Ikebukuro. stumbled through some arkward and pointy japanese phrases at an old man. walked over to a row of metal and rubber marked 2005/03/11. I was instructed to prove my identity and ownership by producing "the key". I fumbled around in my pocket and then "KA-CHING". was further instructed to go and talk to a man over by the small hut. provided said man with some written details at which point I was asked to pay 5000 yen and was handed a green piece of paper. I was alllowed then to ride away from the impound on my beloved red shopping bicycle.

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