Friday, August 26, 2005

out with coffee

There nothing really new here. I’ve just decided to face up to facts and admit that my constant state of nervousness, stress, anxiety and general lack of well-being is because of caffeine intake, mainly from coffee. In an effort to answer “no” to more of the questions posted here.
I am going to finish up and against advise I will basically go cold turkey. There are numerous withdrawal symptoms documented. On this third morning of no coffee I had pain at the back of my knees and also muscle pain in various areas of my back. I did sneak in a cup of green tea this morning

which does contain caffeine but to a much lesser degree. Interestingly enough those niggling little pains went away which makes me think that caffeine is indeed at play here. It’s weird having to listen to your body. Aussie lads only really learned to listen to the most overt messages sent from our bodies.  

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