Saturday, November 13, 2004



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the weekend before pay day requires people to re-focus and to learn to apprecate simplicity. Now, in Japan, this is not only easy but can also be masked behind a pretense of exotic sophistcation. This is achieved because there are things like onigiri and and miso shiru (which I have never learnt to say correctly or with any confidence, often confusing it with "do the miso" or " white miso" or "do the water"). Anyways... lay these out on a nice nigiri rolling mat from the 100 yen shop along with 100 yen chopsticks and we have a dignified lunch. most expensive thing there are the hashi oki, which is a practical use of the world famous art form "Yosegi" . famous may be a stretch but I bet the Ginza Ladies know the magnitide of the word I drop here.

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