Wednesday, November 17, 2004

..what do I know

Sitting here, red wine in hand on a Wednesday night picking and scratching around the web, listening to Interpol's Turn on the Bright Lights. Really am enjoying it and I think that one of the reasons why is that it reminds me of Glide, especially some of the clean, choppy, chiming guitar bits that are held up by a wandering bass line that explode into soaring guitar riffs, a la track nine on Glide's Open Up and Croon. (catchy title eh). Even after the regrettable event in 1999 I still feel a sadness and disappointment at the thought of what could have been had William Arthur been able to find some kind sense of what lay before him by constructing a lingering chord as unique, beautiful and complex as he struck on his guitar that would resolve the everyday dissonance of his existence. Either that or in reality he was just a druggy fool. Only few will know, if any.
Translation (red wine dribble-> English)
Interpol reminds me of Glide
Glide was a good band.
The lead singer died of an overdose.
He was a good songwriter and played the guitar well.
He used alot of unique guitar chords.
I wish he could have learned to deal with his life and drug habit to the same extent that he learned to play the guitar.
Probably not many people will know what he was thinking around those times.
I feel sad and disappointed that Glide are not still playing.

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