Wednesday, May 04, 2005



upload: tokyogoat.
so we have perfect weather for the public holidays. skys are clear, sun is bright, temperature coolish-mild. So what I decided to do to make best use of this rare gift of fine weather is sit inside at home and stare relentlessly at my screen for a few days insanely clicking through the same few webpages which include flickr, Sydney Morning Herald, ABC News, my blog, a few friends blogs, webmail, dpreviews, the NRL webpage....and thats about it, day after day. [didn't feel like linking all those pages]. I did do some work on my own photos when not re-checking "comments on yours" in flickr. It's modern day madness, it is... anyways

So this is quite obviously cranked in photoshop. Is the shot better because of it?. well yeah, kinda. There wasn't really much going on before bringing up the colors. the fake-ness factor does bother me, and I know this issue has been visited by many, on many occassions but hey...give it a shot for cheap, public holiday fun. I can call it art!! Look at me everyone, I am an artist and a photographer...OH!!, and a musician...cause I have stuff...and I know stuff about everything. Just ask me. If you want a second opinion, well, ask me again. Next thing is to start posting self portraits...artistic ones.

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