Sunday, May 01, 2005

golden week

upload: tokyogoat.
to be honest i am not sure which days are counted as golden week this year and which aren't. anyways today whilst in golden week mode and feeling the usual pressure to do something product with everyone else, we went to zoshigaya graveyard to view some famous peoples graves. natsume soseki was there as was hideki tojo. i generally resisted taking direct pictures of people graves to put to rest karin's belief that my camera will allow a spirit to escape the grave and possess my computer.[the way my machine plays up sometimes i already wonder].

i did however try to be scary and a bit tricky by taking pics of people down the far end of lanes to come off a bit ghosty. anyways this pic managed to scare me cause i can't remember if the figure down the end was a person or the shape just looks like a person or....

anyways the bark on that tree was reason enough to post this.


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